Coach Scott Boer comments on Trolls 2 first game of the season:

The lead-up for this game was interesting to say the least. We came in with a roster that was dominated by rookies who were playing against an opponent who had never taken the field before. With every game in the 2nd division, the priority is focused on development so there’s an extreme emphasis on getting everyone as many reps as possible and if we’re fortunate enough to come out of the game with a win, so be it.
It was a slow start for both sides of the ball. The defense gave up a long td run on a misdirection play and the offense fumbled the ball on their opening drive. Once the early-game-jitters were gone, both sides of the ball worked harmoniously with one another and hit a stride in which the opposition was unable to match. Rookie RB Jose-Carlos De Bruycker led a potent ground attack and contributed with 4 rushing TD’s while the defense was held by the steady play of DE Miguel Calix and rookies Zakarias Nouri and Anders Leistad.